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Kyuka  ventures is working at the intersection between reliable energy provision and sustainable  clean energy for off grid communities in the face of climate change, leading our global transition to a socially inclusive and environmentally sustainable greener economy.
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Plastic pollution is one of the critical issues that need to be addressed as swiftly as possible. A conservative estimate of USD 40 Billion is wasted on plastic manufacture and after-use externalities. Any move that could contribute towards lessening the adverse effect of plastic on our environment could be accelerated by using the plastic in a conducive manner. Energy and its depleting sources are another pressing matter that demands urgent attention. Integrating these two areas could be the difference that needs to be made.


Kyuka ventures has pioneered Soot free extraction technology to handle waste plastic and plastic recycling. Our patent pending technology  transforms the 92% of unsorted, unwashed waste plastic currently diverted and destined for local landfills into ultra-clean, ultra-low sulphur fuel.

The process is Economically viable, providing immediate economic benefit for industries, communities and government organizations with waste plastic recycling challenges. The community exchange their waste plastics with medical insurance coverage, Which helps us to not only collect thousands of waste plastics but also change the community’s attitude towards waste management.

We aim at  creating economic value on plastic at the points of generation to enable households and companies to sort and sell plastics in order to earn income. 


Get to know the team behind kyuka ventures Innovation Hub. Since starting out in 2000, we’ve built a reputation based on providing exceptional customer service for everyone. Behind every successful venture, there’s a talented group of special people who are highly committed to that success. Read all about the team, and feel free to get in touch with additional questions.




Team leader, has a 7-year history of experience encompassing all aspects of Polymer Raw Material, waste Conversion Methods, renewable energy, and Venture Development. CEO has acquired experience in the scope of sustainable community development and contemporary rural and urban innovation systems analysis, Learning and knowledge brokerage in; waste value addition and social-economic development.

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